My Upcycled Thrift Shop Espresso Cup

 Don’t Overlook The Darling Little Cup At The Thrift Shop

One of my favorite things to do is to go through the nick knack sections of a thrift shop. I don’t look for that one of a kind thing that I can take to the Antiques Roadshow and make a killing of a fortune. I’m just looking for adorable items that call out my name. That is how I found this little espresso cup. It was just a little orphaned cup, but the simple lines and the cheery color made it irresistible to me. I knew that one day it would serve a purpose. I bought it and put it away for some future use.

upcycled thrift shop find espresso cup

Upcycled thrift shop find espresso cup

Now I have been redecorating my bedroom. The color scheme is blue, white, and yellow. It is finally time for the thrift shop espresso cup to rise and shine.

First I stuffed the cup with a paper towel. This helped me add the decorations without the chance of having everything collapse into the cup. Then I added the first layer of flowers and the beautiful yellow bird. After the bird was secured on the first layer of flowers I went ahead and added a second layer of flowers and tulle. At this point I hot glued a yellow ribbon and a blue cord near the rim of the cup. If truth be told, I should have done that first.  It would have made the process a little easier. The finishing touch was the little bow on the handle using leftover ribbon.

This cheerful cutie now sits on top of a cabinet, next to a blue vase filled with fresh sunflowers that I purchased from a street vendor. I love sunflowers. They are second only to daisies in my book. Now I can enjoy my bright, upcycled thrift shop espresso cup all the time. What adorable thrift shop find do you have in your house right now that you can upcycle too?

Turning A Simple Table Into A Treasure With Inspirational Words

Create Motivation In Your Life With Inspirational Words

Do you have a furniture piece that is very utilitarian but ugly and uninspiring? I can sympathize with you. I have one of those humdrum, personal folding tables in my bedroom. It is very useful, but quite the eyesore. You see, I’m one of those people who love to work on my art journal late at night when it is quiet. This little folding table is where I put my art supplies as I work. I decided to show my little table the love that it deserves.

Finally, my lettering classes have paid off! I decided that what I wanted to see when I looked at my art table were words to inspire my life. I decided to use the Fruit of Spirit, found in the Bible in Galatians 5:22-23.

Inspirational Words

Inspirational Words


  • You need a folding table or anything else on which to write your inspirational words.
  • A pencil and eraser.
  • Gesso or white paint, some chalk paint. I used Chalk It Up and Earth Safe Finishes.
  • Clear varnish or sealer. So far so good, right?


  • Paint the background first.  I mixed gesso and blue Chalk It Up paint until I got the color that I wanted.
  • Write your words in pencil first.  Never start with ink or paint.  Use a ruler to create guidelines.  Try to use different fonts.  It is a good idea to look up fonts in Pinterest and use them as a guide.
  • Make some words darker by going over them with paint several times.
  • Make some decorations like wiggly lines, hearts etc.
  • Wait until everything is fully dry and protect the paint with clear varnish.

This is probably one of the easiest projects that you can make. However, the impact on your life can be tremendous. Take a look at anything that you already have at home and think of a way to use inspirational words to enhance it.



Easy Makeover For Any Lamp

Do You Want An Easy Makeover For Your Lamps?

I have two lamps in my bedroom that I like very much. However, the shades are a little boring. I certainly did not want to get rid of them. I love the base and I don’t want the extra expense of new lamps. My redecoration is being done on a shoestring budget. That’s when I saw a photo online of an adorable little lamp with a little skirt type thing covering the shade. Eureka! I still had some gingham left from the DIY decorative pillows project. That is how I came up with the covers for my two bedside lamps.

Easy Makeover For Any Lamp

Easy Makeover For Any Lamp

What you’ll need:

  • Enough fabric to cover your lamp shade. You need to have enough to for the two hems and a couple of inches more. You don’t want the shade peeking behind your top ruffles or from the bottom. I recommend that you have enough fabric to go around the shade at least twice.
  • Ribbon to decorate the top.
  • Iron on hemming tape. It will be much easier to make your hem that way.
  • An Iron.
  • Thread to hold your ruffles. I used white because my ribbon is white.
  • Dressmaker pins.
  • A safety pin.

The instructions are very easy:

  • First cut your fabric and ribbon to size before starting your project.
  • Make your hems using the hemming tape and a hot iron.
  • Fold your ruffles and pin down your ribbon at the same time.
  • With a needle and matching thread secure your ribbon and your ruffles using the basic running stitch.
  • Wrap your ruffled skirt around your lampshade and layer the ends making sure that the prettier end is on the outside.

Secure the cover with a safety pin. Don’t put the safety pin through the shade, only through the cover. You don’t wan to ruin your shade.

Voila! You’re done with your easy makeover for any lamp.

Easy Makeover For Any Lamp

Easy Makeover For Any Lamp

If you like this idea, if you’re inspired to make your own, I would love to know.  Leave me a comment and let me know.

DIY Decorative Pillows

Have You Seen The Prices of Decorative Pillows?

Have you seen the sky-high cost of  decorative pillows lately? Wow! I went shopping just for pillow forms last week and I couldn’t believe the high prices. I mentioned it in Facebook and one of my friends suggested that I make my own. She got me thinking that it probably wouldn’t be so hard to do. So I bought a couple of bags of filler, several yards of fabric, a few skeins of yarn and enlisted my mother’s help.

blue and white decorative pillows

How I Made My Decorative Pillows

We took the measurements of a regular size pillow and split it in half vertically. Therefore, my two pillows together would make a standard pillow. I stuffed them as much as possible because I don’t like wimpy looking pillows. Then we worked on the pillow covers. My bedding is Laura Ashley’s Sophia comforter set in blue and white. I kept the color theme by using solid blue cotton fabric, plus a blue and white gingham print as the accent fabric. I made the rosette by cutting a long strip of fabric. I folded it in half horizontally and did a running stitch all the way from one side to the other. Then I bunched it up to create a lot of ruffles and I secured the rosette in the middle. Finally, I sewed a fabric flower that I had in my stash to create the center of the rosette.

I knitted the white decorative pillow cover on the green Knifty Knitter loom. I used Homespun yarn in white. The stitches are simple; just the basic knit and purl. Of course, an unembellished pillow cover just won’t do it for me. I made tassels and sewed them to the cover with a Knifty Knitter needle.

If I had to guess I would say that the bottom line cost of these 2 pillows is about the price of a pillow shape in Joann Fabrics. Just the shape, mind you. I would still have had to buy the other supplies. However, I bought enough supplies to make two or three pillows more. I plan to make one round decorative pillow and one neck pillow.

I almost forgot to mention that the two gingham decorative pillow shams that you see peeking behind the Laura Ashley shams were made by my mom. I’m not sure how much money I have saved already by making all these pillows and shams myself (with my mom’s help). Do It Yourselfers of the world, WE ROCK!

blue and white decorative pillows

XOXO Crafting Marfa

DIY Shabby Chic Wall Mirror

 An Easy Way to Turn that Ugly Mirror Into a Shabby Chic Treasure

Maybe you have a story like mine. I received a mirror as a gift. A gold, gilded, antique looking (but not really), absolutely not my taste mirror. Come on, I know that you have gotten one of those things too and had no choice to but accept it. Maybe someone else would think that the gaudy thing was the cat’s meow. But not this girl (I’m pointing at myself). So of course, what else is a “do it yourself person” going to do next? Pinterest! Yup, I looked up shabby chic mirrors in Pinterest and, lo and behold I found a bunch of shabby chic treasures that probably started their lives as ugly, gaudy, bad taste mirrors. So I decided to give it the old college try and this is what happened:

DIY SHABBY CHIC MIRRORInstructions for a DIY Shabby Chic Mirror

  • Clean your mirror. What you use to clean it depends on how dirty it is.  Just make sure that it is clean and dry.
  • Use chalk paint. There is no need to prep or prime your mirror when you use chalk paint. I used Chalk It Up by Earth Safe Finishes. First I covered the entire frame with ESF Chalk It Up in English Tea Cake mixed with ESF Chalk It Up Milk Chocolate and gesso. I wanted to cover all the nooks and crannies of the frame first.
  • When the first coat was dry, which took about 10 minutes, I mixed lots of gesso with a little bit of ESF Iridescents Limelight and ESF Chalk It Up Milk Chocolate until I got the final color that you see in the photo. I didn’t try to covering everything. In fact, I purposely left some spots where the original gold still shows (just a little bit). That is part of the charm of the shabby chic style.
  • I let the paint dry and then I covered everything with ESF Wax Sealer.  I love that thing!  One coat was enough. The wax took longer to dry than the paint.  I gave it about half an hour, I think.
  • The last step was to glue pearls in assorted sizes to the edge of the mirror.  The pearls are from Miriam’s Crafting Supplies.

The entire project took me about 3 hours from start to finish.

XOXO Crafting Marfa


10 Tips For Clean and Simple Scrapbook Layouts

10 Tips For Designing Simple Scrapbook Layouts

  1. Organization is key. I keep my flat embellishments, my journal tags and my pens/pencils in shoe boxes. They are easy to pull out when I’m ready to scrapbook.
  2. Mix and match your papers. I use a 12 x 12 sheet for my background, 1 sheet for matting my photos and 1 sheet (or leftover scrap) to mat my journal tag.
  3. Cut down on embellishments. I use 4 embellishments or fewer.
  4. Layering is your friend. Take a look at the flower that I placed between the two photos in the layout below. I just glued a flat flower to a circular journal tag. It makes the flower pop.
  5. Get comfortable with your handwriting. Always start in pencil. Draw lines so that your words will look orderly. Write your journal in pencil. Then go over it with a nice pen. Don’t forget to erase your pencil lines.
  6. Journal about what’s important to you. Don’t feel pressured to write a book. I like to get down the facts about the event. My mother writes everything down to the tiniest details.
  7. Pick one type of adhesive. I like double sided tape and glue lines/glue dots. The point is to use one clean, multiple use adhesive.
  8. Use a Zero Center Ruler. I use the Zero Hero Centering Ruler CR12 by The C-Thru Ruler Company. It is great for aligning your photos, embellishments, and it is very helpful with my writing.
  9. If you are not comfortable with your handwriting take some fun online classes, buy a book, whatever it takes. I took lettering classes by Joanne Sharpe that I were a lot of fun and very helpful. I also have a book by Heidi Swapp called: “Love Your Handwriting”.
  10. Find some clean and simple scrapbook templates online until you are comfortable enough to feel your way around the page.

Black Rock Mountain State Park Scrapbook Layout

Tips For Clean Simple and Creative Scrapbook

Clean, Simple and Creative Layouts Are Easy!

Do you want to back to the basic scrapbook pages? Maybe not as basic as grandma’s, but not as complicated and embellished as what you see out there? Yes, that was me a few years ago. I used to embellish my pages until there wasn’t a space left on the page. I’m not knocking people who like to make artistic layouts, really I’m not. But there many of us who just want to document our life, vacations, special moments and do it in a way to looks pretty. Also, we want to have our scrapbooks but we don’t have to spend days on one page. I made 6 layouts last night in about 4 or 5 hours. If you think that’s too long consider that in that time I found all my paper, my embellishments, put the pages together and put everything away. Not too bad, right?

XOXO Crafting Marfa

Altered Mason Jars


I love Altered Mason Jars, do you?

Altered Mason Jars

Mason jars, in fact all jars in that style, have incredible charm. We use them as party decorations, candle holders, vases, we fill them with drinks, candy, ingredients for desserts and more. Of course, you can still use them for canning ;-) I got the two jars above when I ordered some awesome scented candles online from Karma Boutique. Altering the jars was very easy.

How I Altered My Mason Jars:

  • I poured white gesso into each jar and moved them around until the inside of each jar was completely coated. Then I poured the left over gesso back into the bottle. Of course, you can use any paint that you want if you would prefer some color.
  • Next I used hot glue to adhere twine from the neck to the lip of each jar. I wanted these jars to match the bottle that I showed you in my post Altered Wine Bottle.
  • The finishing touch was gluing ribbon and flowers.

This last thing is very important. The paint, or in my case gesso, does scratch off because glass is not a porous surface. I wanted to use my jars to store a few items. The solution is very easy. Line the inside of the jar with a paper towel or two. By now the inside of your jar that you coated with paint and thoroughly dry. You should not be able to see the paper towel from the outside.

I recently purchased 12 canning jars from a discount store. I can’t wait to alter those too!

XOXO Crafting Marfa