How To Reinvent Discarded Garden Junk Into Shabby Chic Indoor Decor

Keep Things Out of Landfills by Turning Trash Into Shabby Chic Treasure!

A few months ago I found some garden decorations that had been left behind by a friend who moved out of her house. It was as shabby chic as it could be! Everything was too charming to be tossed away, so I stored everything, thinking of future projects.

I was planning to remodel one of my bathrooms, so I decided to save the 2 little frames for a special corner once the bathroom was finished. They are completely adorable and simply LOVE the color yellow. Perfect match!

Upcycycled Garden DecorationEasy Instructions:

I wanted to keep the patina, the chippy paint and the imperfections that come from being exposed to the elements; but I still wanted the frames to look pretty. The first thing that I did was to cover both of them with a coat of clear polyurethane. Next I added 4 coats of Triple Thick. I really like how the light shines when it hits the glossy surfaces.

Upcycycled Garden DecorationThen I hot glued some matching crafts flowers and birds. It was that simple! Now I have a beautiful touch of shabby chic in my newly renovated bathroom.

What was the last thing that you saved from someone’s trash. How did you re-imagine it? Let me know in the comments below!

Crafting Marfa
Crafting Marfa

Do You Like Jewelry in The Style of The Roaring 20s Flappers?

Phrynie Fisher Made Me Fall In Love With 1920’s Flapper Jewelry Again

What? You don’t know Phrynie Fisher of Ms. Fisher’s Murder Mysteries? You are truly missing out on a great show but most importantly, you are missing out on superb fashion and jewelry. I already loved Flapper style jewelry, ever since I watched The Great Gatsby years ago. But my obsession has now been rekindled. That is why I made this fabulous necklace and earrings set as a project for Miriam’s Crafting Supply:

1920s Style Necklace and EarringsIf you would like to make this very set for yourself, check my tutorial HERE. You can also purchase the exact value pack that you need to put this set together by clicking HERE.

1920s Style Necklace and Earrings 1920s Style Necklace and Earrings

Leave me a comment and tell me what you think about this Roaring 20’s Style Flapper Jewelry Set. Is there a particular era of time that you love and would like to see come back? I want to know!

Crafting Marfa
Crafting Marfa

How To Alter A Trash Bargain Into An Attractive Treasure

Super Easy Painting Technique For A Wonderful Transformation

A few weeks ago my boyfriend showed up in my house with a painting that he found in someone’s trash. It was big and clunky, and the frame looked tacky. The frame had a badly done crackle effect that wasn’t even crackle, it was painted crackle. It was also painted with an ugly fake gold. The painting itself, however, is very pretty. I decided that with a little paint I could save this pretty thing from the trash.

Recycled Painting

First I made sure that the frame was clean. Next, painted the frame with several coats of paint. I think that I did 3 or 4 coats. The corner, however, blended in too much. I really like the flowers and curly cues that are carved there. To make the corners pop I brushed a thick coat of dark stain and let it dry. The purpose was so have the stain get into the nooks and crannies. I let the stain dry and I brushed more white chalk paint over it. This made the corners blend in, but the stain still shows through. This makes the corners pop without overpowering the rest of the frame. I know that I have said this before, but in case that this is your first time reading my blog I’ll repeat it. Chalk paint works on any surface. If your painting is wood, but has a finish on it rendering it non-porous such the one that I painted, you can still use chalk paint on it. If you try a different paint it might just peel right off. But you still have to add a sealer. I used polyurethane. For this frame I used 2 coats of poly because it has a lot of crannies and I wanted to make sure that everything was thoroughly covered.

I have used different brands of chalk paint. For this project I used one of my favorites: Renaissance Furniture Paint. It is Eco friendly and the color is Snow.Transformed IKEA Cabinet

The brand of polyurethane that I used is Varathane and I purchased both of them on Amazon.

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Crafting Marfa
Crafting Marfa


How To Paint Your IKEA furniture with Chalk Paint

What You Need To Know To Transform Your IKEA Furniture With Chalk Paint

Chalk Painted IKEA Cabinet

How To Chalk Paint This Cabinet:

  1. Clean the cabinet to remove any dirt or oils.
  2. Use a brush or roller to cover the surface thoroughly and wait until it is dry. It should take about 20 minutes. Use a light coat.
  3. Repeat step # 2 until the surface is completely covered. For my dark IKEA cabinet I needed to use 4 coats.
  4. Using a wax brush cover the surface with wax sealer. Make sure that you coat it completely. That’s why using a brush especially designed for waxing is very helpful.
  5. Give the sealer a good 15 to 20 minutes to dry. Then go over the surface with a piece of cloth that and wipe off the residue. I did 2 coats for good measure.

Chalk Painted IKEA CabinetThis IKEA cabinet is perfect for what I need to store away. But the dark color simply did not work for me. I wanted it in white, of course :-). You can’t use basic latex paint because this cabinet is made of some sort of plastic. Once the paint dries it will peel right off, like when you burn your skin at the beach. I tried it, just so that I could tell you from personal experience. I used chalk paint with a brush. It probably would have gone faster with a roller, but I had a brush handy. When I chalk paint the armoire I will use a roller because that piece of much taller.

The chalk paint that I’m using for my house painting project is Renaissance Furniture Paint. It is eco-friendly and non-toxic. This is especially important to me because I am painting my furniture indoors.

Chalk Painted IKEA Cabinet

The sealer that I decided to use is Mixwax Paste Finishing Wax. It is a matte finish that works FANTASTIC!


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