How To Paint Your IKEA furniture with Chalk Paint

What You Need To Know To Transform Your IKEA Furniture With Chalk Paint

Chalk Painted IKEA Cabinet

How To Chalk Paint This Cabinet:

  1. Clean the cabinet to remove any dirt or oils.
  2. Use a brush or roller to cover the surface thoroughly and wait until it is dry. It should take about 20 minutes. Use a light coat.
  3. Repeat step # 2 until the surface is completely covered. For my dark IKEA cabinet I needed to use 4 coats.
  4. Using a wax brush cover the surface with wax sealer. Make sure that you coat it completely. That’s why using a brush especially designed for waxing is very helpful.
  5. Give the sealer a good 15 to 20 minutes to dry. Then go over the surface with a piece of cloth that and wipe off the residue. I did 2 coats for good measure.

Chalk Painted IKEA CabinetThis IKEA cabinet is perfect for what I need to store away. But the dark color simply did not work for me. I wanted it in white, of course :-). You can’t use basic latex paint because this cabinet is made of some sort of plastic. Once the paint dries it will peel right off, like when you burn your skin at the beach. I tried it, just so that I could tell you from personal experience. I used chalk paint with a brush. It probably would have gone faster with a roller, but I had a brush handy. When I chalk paint the armoire I will use a roller because that piece of much taller.

The chalk paint that I’m using for my house painting project is Renaissance Furniture Paint. It is eco-friendly and non-toxic. This is especially important to me because I am painting my furniture indoors.

Chalk Painted IKEA Cabinet

The sealer that I decided to use is Mixwax Paste Finishing Wax. It is a matte finish that works FANTASTIC!


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How To Instantaneously Improve Your Laminated Furniture With Chalk Paint

You Can Paint Anything With Chalk Paint!

I am very excited to share with you my latest painting project. I have decided to paint most of the furniture in my house. Obviously it is a long term project. The first room to get painted is my bedroom. I love the color white. It is very relaxing and reflects light very well. So far I have painted the two night stand and part of a cabinet. The cabinet is not showing in the photo because it isn’t finished. I should be receiving more paint in a few days and then I’ll be painting like crazy. I’m also going to paint the bed, but I think that I’m going to leave the metal pieces the same color that they are now.


painted bedroom furniture project
Painted bedroom furniture project

The furniture in my bedroom is laminated, so regular paint just doesn’t work. For this project I am using chalk paint and wax. I love chalk paint! It is the jack of all trades in paints. The only thing that I had to do to prepare the furniture was to clean it with a moist cloth.

This is the “before” look of one of my night stand.

painted bedroom furniture project

As you can see, the laminate of this furniture is very dark. I had to use several coats of white chalk paint to make sure that the color was completely covered. The paint dried fairly quickly. Finally, last step was to add 2 coats of protective wax sealer. Sealer wax forms a hard, protective shell.

Here is the “after” look of both night stands. They are identical.

painted furniture after photo

I absolutely LOVE how this project is turning out. Already, when you walk into the bedroom, you can see a huge difference. I can’t wait until I’ve painted my living room furniture and my dining room furniture. The only thing to which I am not looking forward is to doing all the work by myself. I love to paint, but I really hate to clean up afterward ROFL.

How to Instantly Transform a Rusty Old Cage Into A Thing of Beauty.

Here’s An Out-of-the-box Idea For A Re-purposed Cage

I stepped out into my patio recently and, what do you know, there were a bunch of new stuff lying around on the floor. I was baffled! Well, as it turns out, I have taught my mother well. My neighbors moved out and put a bunch of patio ornaments out by the trash. Being the good student that she is, my mother picked it up all and brought it my patio. Among other things, I found this adorable little cage. It looks like a birdcage, but I don’t think that it is. The cage has a circle in the middle that makes look like a pot or a candle holder. It would look like much to some people, but like Mike and Frankie, the American Pickers, like to say: it was roached! I, on the other hand, saw the potential. In rust I trust ;-) I turned it into a cute holder for my art brushes. I still need to add the bottom, but I’m waiting for something adorable to fall into my lap.

Re-purposed Cage
Re-purposed Cage

How to Recreate My Re-purposed Cage

This cage needed some TLC but I wanted to keep part of the shabby chic charm that I love so much. I used white chalk paint and covered most of the cage, leaving some rust visible. The brand of chalk paint that I used is Chalk It Up Chalk Paint by Earth Safe Finishes. But feel free to use any brand of chalk paint available to you. Then I added some green to the leaves. Finally, I covered the rose in light pink. To complete the shabby chic look I brushed more white paint on it. When the paint dried, which was fairly quickly, I brushed on some sealer. That’s it! Now it sits in a corner in my bedroom, looking all shabby and adorable. I love my re-purposed cage!

Shabby Chic Wooden Box

Shabby Chic Wooden Box – From Boring to Beautiful

I want you to click here and visit a project of mine, along a written tutorial, over at Earth Safe Finishes. I took an unfinished box from Michael’s and completely refinished it using chalk paint, special finishes, a stamp and a few other products. I turned it into a beautiful shabby chic jewelry box that now sits on my vanity table.

shabby chic wooden box
Shabby chic wooden box