Miniature 3D Paper Quilled Bears

I am starting a new line of miniature 3 dimensional sculptures. 

3D Quilled Bears Together (1)
Coffee Cup Bear is sitting on a saucer and reaching out for a cup of coffee in front of her.  She is sitting down and you can see her adorable little feet.  She is wearing a hat made out  of paper flowers and the top of a small brad!  This little lady measures 1 1/2 inches.
3D Quilled Bear with Coffee Cup (2)
The little sweeping bear below is wearing a white apron, a pink bow on her head and she holding her little broom.  I made the broom with paper and a toothpick (just like every other broom out there, right?)  She measures 2 inches in height and she’s ready to clean your house right now!
3D Quilled Bear with Broom (4)
Last, but certainly not least, is this Birthday Bear.  She is ready to party in her adorable, yellow party dress and bejeweled party shoes.  The dress and the shoes are decorated with colorful rhinestones. She is also wearing a bracelet on her left hand.  She is holding a balloon and wearing her party hat. 
3D Quilled Birthday Bear with Balloon (2)
I had a really great time quilling those bears and I will be adding more to the collection very soon. 
These miniature quilled bears are up for sale in my shop at The Paper Lovebug.
Thank you for looking and I hope that you keep coming back to my blog for more creative inspiration!

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